Alert: Most Ethical Congress strikes

Chris Dodd has as much integrity as Bill Clinton, which is to say he has none. Clinton may have used his position of power to solicit a BJ from Monica. But Chris Dodd? Well, well. He’s abused his authority as a senator to orchestrate shady land deals in Ireland, kickbacks from AIG executives, and sweetheart mortgage rates from lenders who he regulates as Chairman of the Senate Banking Committee. In this clip, I discuss the kickback-end of Dodd’s crookedness.

Behold, the most ethical Congress ever:

What other Dodd scandal did I miss? I’m sure at least two or three.

Btw, here’s my simple formula to assess if a politician needs to resign: Has he used his status as an elected official for personal gain? If the answer is yes, he must get the boot. Pronto!

And going back to BJ Bill Clinton for a moment: As president, he could’ve seduced nearly any intern he wanted… so he picks Monica Lewinsky? HUH?!? Are lib women that ugly and easy? Don’t know about the latter, but it’s an affirmative on the former.

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