The Truth About Obama’s Celebrity Entourage


2 Responses to “The Truth About Obama’s Celebrity Entourage”
  1. Mick Miller says:

    I\’ve read both Zombies and Hypocrites and I must tell you that while I laughed out loud frequently
    I was forever fearful of the truth in both works.

    I have been a registered voter since the Nixon/Carter eras. I have found myself voting for the \"best of two evils\"
    for the majority of the elections since those times.. I am at odds with Obama for many reasons the strongest being his shadowy, evasive, manipulative and corrupt past. When did we ever have a President that carried a secretive andf seemingly cloaked issue of his birth place throughout his term? A First Lady (choke choke) who publicily decries the country and her absence of any American pride and spirit. These two are living, breathing, hypocrites and bigots.

    Jason, I loved the books and look forward to more good reads from you.

    Thank you

  2. Chris says:

    I will definitely be following your work. Great stuff! Need more like you

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