Chris Rock Unhinged Over Tea Party Question


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  1. Eric B says:

    UH, YEAH, ABOUT THAT \"CRAZY, INSANE\" REMARK BY CHRIS ROCK. HE MUST\’VE BORROWED SOME THRILL UP THE LEG OR BRAVADO FROM ANOTHER IDIOTIC CHRIS … DARE I SAY IT, MATTHEWS (cringe time), \’cept Matthews wouldn\’t have the cojones to take out the cameraman..
    I love your ambush interviews, Jason. Too bad this wound up as a reverse ambush on your poor cameraman, and he wasn\’t even in Rock\’s face. CHRIS ROCK SHOULD BE CHARGED WITH ASSAULT FOR THAT. MAYBE HE DIDN\’T GET THE \"MEDIA-TRAINING\" MEMO EXPLAINING \"AMBUSH\" INTERVIEWS INVOLVING A NEWSWORTHY QUESTION DON\’T USUALLY REQUIRE ACTUAL PHYSICAL FORCE.
    Which reminds me. I\’m trying to find the interview Sean Hannity had on tonight in which you asked 0bama campaign guy Jim Messina about 0bama always attacking Rush Limbaugh and FOX News. His female handler tried a couple times to cut you out (maybe even a little shove). Who was she? She tried to go a little above and beyond, maybe, but I credit you for hanging in there with Messina, who was much more cool about it than her; HE ACTUALLY ANSWERED YOUR QUESTIONS! (and no cameramen were ambushed in the making of the segment …) KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK!

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